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Word on The Street

Our partners just love us, and we love them right back. Take a look at what they’ve said.

Day by Day Digital was lighting fast with their services and executed perfectly the first time.

Jay SimsElegant Event Lighting

Day by Day Digital is VERY fast, thorough, and communicative. A true pleasure to work with!

Rosie CaruthDallas Comedy Club

It has been great working with Day by Day Digital. They are very hands-on regarding our needs and wants and is very responsive.

Austin LandesLandes Group

Working with Day by Day Digital is always a pleasure. His response time is always quick, and his communication is clear and concise.

Leah WeanQuest Events

Day by Day Digital has incredible attention to details and knows how to customize website design in a way that was unique and fitting to our company.

Caleb LandesLandes Group

Very easy to work with and understands your needs well!

Manny FrescoMFP Cinema

Working with Day by Day Digital was a positive, exciting and motivating experience! They responded immediately to any questions I had with detailed, thoughtful and informative answers. They are highly knowledgeable in the field of marketing and was honest about the best approach for my area of specialty (Pediatric Speech Language Pathology). They made me feel that my dreams were his priority. It was easy to feel that I had the ability to be extremely successful, on the verge of genius, when coordinating with them. They had patience during my entire marketing journey and gave me tools to be successful after leaving them. I could not be more proud of my current website (Day by Day Digitals creation), my videos or the social media platforms he developed for me. I wholeheartedly recommend Day by Day Digital to any serious entrepreneur wanting to establish a name for themselves and a life long successful business. Day by Day Digital was and is, hands down, the best decision I made for myself, my family and my career.

Lauren TaylorTaylor'ed SLP

Working with Day by Day Digital was (and is) always a great experience! Their level of knowledge in video production, graphic and web design is shown in their work. They are always responsive and works quickly, which we've had alot of HOT jobs that they gets done at the drop of a dime. They also doesn't just take tasks, but goes far to understand the task and offer up any strategic input and ideas. We never have to follow up, they follows up and follows through on all projects. Day by Day Digital is truly one of a kind.

Ashley RichardsonMagnus Chemicals

I have worked with Day by Day Digital on a number of projects ranging from website design and development to photoshoots and videography, and they always deliver excellent work. They are prompt, efficient, and completely committed to seeing your project through, from concept to launch. I appreciate their direct and thoughtful communication; especially their ability to clearly communicate and explain the technical side of things! I will definitely work with them again.

Jourdan RosasQuest Events

Day by Day Digital was recommended to me by one of my customers to help me completely revamp my website to initiate an online shipping component to my existing BBQ catering operation. They are the complete, one-stop shop. Professional photographer for beautifully executed food shots, interviewer and videographer for my best customer testimonials, marketer for Facebook and Instagram new ads, and of course, setting up all my shopping links, pages, credit card encryption, Shopify coordination, the whole ball of wax. They was super to work with and very smart. That was 2 1/2 years ago and they still help me on their own time since I'm basically a dummy when it comes to tech stuff.

Woodrow BerryWoody Bs BBQ

Day by Day Digital has amassed and honed a unique skill set that makes him a well-rounded and versatile web designer. They are able to tackle issues with a wide perspective and formulate effective problem resolution options and design ideas. Day by Day Digital is able to understand and work with different work styles, they are a good communicator which made it easy for my team to relate and focus on a project that is normally out of our wheelhouse. These traits- along with their genuine desire to help others and constant knack for seeking out new design opportunities and trends set Day by Day Digital apart from the rest.

Justin GrissenLandes Group

Day by Day Digital is very efficient with any projects taken on for Celebration. Their professionalism, knowledge and vision makes working with them so easy!

Shannon GalvanCelebration Restaurant

It was great working with Day by Day Digital. They are extremely knowledgeable, prompt and professional.

Denise MarshCelebration Restaurant

Day by Day Digital was extremely flexible and captured our project needs perfectly. We went over multiple different versions of our work together and they always end up exactly the way I envisioned them. I can't thank them enough for all they have done for our business!

Brooke BrignacMagnus Chemicals

Day by Day Digital did an incredible job building our company website. They are extremely organized, patient and efficient; making the design process seamless from start to finish. Their experience, knowledge and eye for design sets them apart from others. We love how our website turned out and would highly recommend Day by Day Digital!

Chandler LandesLandes Group

Day by Day Digital is scrappy and was able to create a digital experience that exceeded my expectations with minimal input and guidance from me. Any partnership that's low-maintenance goes to the front of the line, and Day by Day Digital is a quiet storm that gets the job done!

Scott SimonsGood Catch

Working with Day By Day Digital was a breath of fresh air. Although the situation was less than ideal, they remain professional, compassionate and committed to overall team success. Especially when things were a bit on the stressful side. Day By Day Digital went the extra mile to deliver the best service possible. As a client, I was more than happy with the results. Grace under fire is how I would describe it. Given the opportunity, I would work with Day by Day Digital and company 100 times out of 100.

Herman BenefieldSugarbacon Proper Kitchen

I've had the pleasure to work with Day by Day Digital on a few projects, for my company's website and for several of my company's clients. Without exception, their knowledge, professionalism, talent, and work ethic were apparent in every step from consultation to roll-out. I've worked with quite a few people in this field and I can confidently say that Day by Day Digital has set the bar.

Kevin FlemmingThought Culture

As a small business owner, it is critical that I partner with subject matter experts and Day by Day Digital embodies this. They are professional, stays up-to-date on industry changes, is responsive and what impresses me the most, they ALWAYS put the client first. Day by Day Digital is Best in Class and I look forward to continuing to scale my business with them by my side.

Felicia JohnsonGatson Group

Working with Day by Day Digital has been a wonderful experience. They are talented, incredibly quick to respond, and produces clean and unique work. I recommend Day by Day Digital to anyone looking for a new website or help sprucing up what they already have; you will not be disappointed.

Sarah RobinetteLandes Group



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